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Relaxing Treatments & Courses Within Beautiful Northamptonshire
Reiki : Reflexology : Hoistic Body Massage : Indian Head Massage : Hopi Ear Candling : Thai Foot Massage
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  • 1st Degree Reiki (2 day course)

The course explains about Reiki, what it is, it's energy and uses and the benefits Reiki can offer.

It is mainly about self healing and you will be taught the hand positions. We discuss the history and many other things including meditation.

  • 2nd Degree Reiki (2 day course)

This level gives you the tools to work with others where you will be taught symbols, their meaning and ways to use them to increase the power.

It also includes distant healing and is on a much deeper level.

  • Master Degree Reiki (3 x 2 day course)

This is for the advanced student who chooses to take this level and work with higher levels of energy, for those who feel the passion and dedication to go on to teach Reiki and pass on the knowledge to others.

All levels include a very special sacred attunement  which is an initiation into a sacred metaphysical order that has been present on earth for thousands of years.  This in turn allows more light to flow through you which  makes a difference to everything you do.

You would need to detoxify for approximately seven days before attending each course in order to prepare you for the attunement.
For 21 days afterwards you will experience a shift in consciousness and an inner cleansing working through your Chakras.

I also hold regular support group meetings to which you would be very warmly welcomed where you would meet other Reiki therapists and where we carry out Reiki healing on each other and discuss up to date discoveries and interesting topics.

I hope that you will consider attending one of my courses which, even if you do not continue to practice...

                                  ...Reiki will always be with you
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