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Indian Head Massage is used to help reduce stress and fatigue...

Indian Head Massage can leave you feeling:

  • Tranquil

  • Calm

  • Increased mental focus

  • Improvement in alertness

  • Really well

To gain maximum benefit from your Indian Head massage try to rest afterwards as this helps your body's natural healing process.

Avoid caffeine as this is stimulating, in order to relax.  

Drink plenty of water or herbal tea over the next couple of days as this helps to flush toxins away.

Also try not to smoke or drink alcohol for 24 hours.

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Indian Head Massage is a treatment based on Ayurvedic techniques practiced in India for over 1000 years

It can also be known as Champissage (Champi is an original Indian word meaning head massage)

Indian Head Massage works on the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face

It is used to help reduce stress and fatigue, and to increase mental clarity

Indian Head Massage also helps to relieve eyestrain and headaches and improve concentration 
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